Water Pollution Services

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oilleakWater Pollution Services is funded primarily through contract funds from individual cities within Galveston County. These funds are used to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Code that require a water pollution and abatement program in cities with populations greater than 5,000.

Galveston County also contributes a portion of the funding to allow services to extend to the unincorporated areas in the county. Some short-term project grants are also carried by the water section to identify and address certain water pollution problems within the county jurisdiction.

Services provided

  • Waste water sewage treatment plant inspections for compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Stormwater sampling of open water systems around the county. This includes oil along drainage ditches, creeks, bayous, sites around the bay and the beachfront.
  • Investigate and answer citizen complaints regarding water pollution issues. Some of these might include:
    • Sewage overflows
    • Potential illegal materials dumping on land
    • Illicit piping to waterways
    • Discolorations of water systems
  • Greasetrap inspections of food establishments. This includes unannounced inspections of establishments to review maintenance records and the overall condition of the grease trap.