Communities and Other Specific Groups

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Information for Communities and other Specific Groups

Information for communities and other specific groups on how to prepare and take action for COVID-19 can be found below.

Law Enforcement
What law enforcement personnel need to know about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (CDC)

At Home

For information on what to do at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, see the CDC website:
Get your household ready for COVID-19 (CDC)
Disinfecting your home (CDC)
What to do if you are sick (CDC)
Caring for yourself at home (CDC)
Caring for someone at home (CDC)
CDC tips to keep kids healthy

At Work
State agencies, business owners, employers, and members of the general public can find workplace-specific recommendations in the DSHS COVID‑19 Guidance for Employees and Managers (PDF, V.2.0, updated 3/23/2020).
Employers and employees of Texas businesses that remain open under Governor Abbott’s Executive Order can find recommendations and best practices in the DSHS COVID‑19 Recommendations for Texas Businesses Remaining Open (PDF, V.1.0, posted 3/26/2020).
CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers
Disinfecting your facility if someone is sick (CDC)

Childcare programs, K-12 schools and higher education institutions can find interim guidance for the COVID-19 response on the CDC website:
CDC Guidance for Childcare and K-12 Schools
CDC Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education
CDC considerations for school closure
DSHS distributed guidance to Texas higher education institutions, school districts, and state agencies (PDF) on February 3, 2020.

Event Coordinators
Community leaders and event coordinators can find guidance for large events and gatherings on the CDC website:
CDC Guidance for Large Events

Community and Faith-based Organizations
Community and faith leaders can find resources for COVID-19 response on the CDC website
CDC Resources for Community and Faith Leaders

Community Mitigation Strategies
Actions for protecting communities from COVID-19 can be found on the CDC website:
CDC community mitigation strategies

High-Risk Individuals
Information and resources for people at risk for serious illness from COVID-19 can be found on the CDC website:
CDC Resources for High-Risk Individuals

Retirement Communities and Independent Living
Information and resources for planning, preparing, and responding to COVID-19 in retirement communities and independent living environments can be found on the CDC website:
CDC Resources for Retirement Communities and Independent Living

Pregnant Women and Children
Information about COVID-19 and pregnancy and children can be found on the CDC website:
CDC Info: Pregnant Women and Children

Homeless Shelters
Homeless service providers can find guidance for planning, preparing for and responding to COVID-19 on the CDC website:
CDC Guidance for Homeless Shelters

Correctional and Detention Facilities
Interim guidance for managing COVID-19 in correctional and detention facilities can be found on the CDC website:
CDC Guidance for Correctional and Detention Facilities

Mental Health
Mental health and coping resources for parents, responders, people released from quarantine, those with preexisting mental health conditions and others can be found on the CDC website:
CDC Mental Health and Coping Resources

Coronavirus Guidance Resources (Texas Restaurant Association)
Restaurant's Actions Support the Health and Safety of Customers and Staff (Texas Restaurant Association)