Strategic Health Plan

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By: Kathy BarrosoPicture of Kathy Barroso
Chief Executive Officer
Galveston County Health District

There are many things to love about Galveston County. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the Gulf waters, year-round events, warm climate, a large petrochemical industry and surging population growth. However, these amenities can also present challenges when addressing the health and safety of our community. 

At the Galveston County Health District, we are committed to identifying public health issues that impact your everyday life. We work daily to prevent disease, protect against public health threats and promote good health for all of Galveston County. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to present the Galveston County Health District Strategic Plan for 2017-2022, which provides a roadmap for working towards making Galveston County a healthier place to live, work and play.    

Included in the plan are new mission, vision and value statements, which in our opinion, better define the purpose, direction, and guiding principles of our organization. You will also find five strategic priorities, as well as corresponding goals and objectives, which were developed from environmental data and feedback from employees and stakeholders. These priorities were selected based on their potential impact to improve the health and well-being of our community as well as strengthen our organization. Due to the many facets of public health, it is also important that we remain flexible over the course of the next five years as we continue to monitor the needs of our community and be ready to face new challenges or explore new opportunities, when presented.

I express appreciation to our board members, strategic planning team, employees and community stakeholders for their valuable feedback in the strategic planning process and development of this plan. I encourage all staff to continue to provide input as we work together in the implementation and evaluation of the goals and objectives that have been developed.    

Public health connects us all and impacts every aspect of our lives. A healthy community benefits everyone by ultimately improving the overall quality of life. We are excited about working on the priorities established in this plan and look forward to working with all of our community partners to fulfill our mission of “protecting and promoting the optimal health and well-being of Galveston County”. 

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