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Health District:
Oysters caused sickness

From Staff Reports
The Galveston Daily News
March 18, 2004

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La Marque - Contaminated raw oysters sickened dozens of conventioneers in Galveston last month, the county health district announced Wednesday.

Norovirus was detected in stool specimens from two cases. This virus has been implicated in numerous other food-related outbreaks, often from raw or undercooked seafood.

“In many cases we are unable to determine the cause of an outbreak, but in this case we were able to do so due to rapid reporting and investigating,” said Chuck Chambers, a health district epidemiologist.

“Most people will recover from a Norovirus infection within a few days but may experience symptoms which can be severe. Good hygiene, especially hand washing, is important in preventing the spread of this type of illness.”

The oysters were served at a catered meal at the Lone Star Flight Museum on Feb. 27. Most of the 47 people who fell ill at the National Trooper Coalition convention had eaten the oysters.

Chambers said the investigation showed the caterers handled the oysters properly. The oysters came from a part of Galveston Bay subsequently closed to harvesting by state health authorities.

The health district declined to identify the caterers but said they were based outside Galveston County.

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