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Sunset on Bolivar Penninsula

The Galveston County Health District, in conjunction with the Texas General Land Office, monitors recreational coastal waters for elevated levels of the bacterial indicator enterococcus. A beach water advisory is issued for the beach adjacent to testing site when water quality standards for the bacteria are exceeded. The Galveston County Beach Watch program samples at 52 monitoring stations along Galveston Island, the Bolivar Peninsula and one site on the Texas City Dike.

Samples are taken from the 52 sites on a weekly basis and tested for enterococcus. An advisory is issued informing the public that swimming isnot recommended when the bacteria level is elevated. Advisories are indicated with a sign on the affected beach, on this website and the Texas Beach Watch website. When an advisory is issued, the affected beach is NOT closed. An advisory is simply issued to inform the public of the elevated bacteria level so people can make an informed choice about swimming in the affected waters. Once elevated bacteria levels are detected, water samples are taken daily until the levels return to normal.

Texas Beach Watch advisories are NOT related to Vibrio bacteria, commonly referred to as "flesh eating bacteria." Vibrio bacteria is naturally occurring and frequently present in salt and brackish water. It’s rare people get an infection from Vibrio bacteria. In fact, out of 6-million visitors to Galveston Island in 2015, fewer than ten cases of Vibrio infection were reported to the Galveston County Health District. Most people recover from Vibrio infection without long-term complications. When Vibrio infection is severe, it’s common the affected person had serious preexisting health conditions and swam in untreated water with open sores or wounds. Learn more about Vibrio bacteria at

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Of the 52 Galveston County beach water testing sites, two are currently under advisory.

Galveston Island

West End
1 - San Luis Pass Toll Bridge NO ADVISORY
3 - West Beach NO ADVISORY
5 - Terramar Beach NO ADVISORY
7 - Sea Isle South NO ADVISORY
13 - 16 Mile Rd. NO ADVISORY
14 - Jamaica Beach South NO ADVISORY
21 - GISP #6 (bay side) NO ADVISORY
22 - 13 Mile Rd. NO ADVISORY
23 - Pirates Drive NO ADVISORY
24 - Bucanneer Blvd.NO ADVISORY
25 - 11 Mile Rd. NO ADVISORY
26 - Pabst Rd. NO ADVISORY
27 - Spanish Grant Blvd. NO ADVISORY
28 - Hershey Beach NO ADVISORY
30 - 8 Mile Rd. NO ADVISORY
32 - 7 Mile Rd. NO ADVISORY

34 - 60th St. NO ADVISORY
35 - 57th St. NO ADVISORY
36 - San Luis Resort NO ADVISORY
37 - Fort Crockett Seawall Park West NO ADVISORY
38 - Fort Crockett Seawall Park (45th Street ) NO ADVISORY
39 - Beach Plaza Shopping Center NO ADVISORY
40 - 39th Street.NO ADVISORY
41 - 35th St.NO ADVISORY
42 - Between 31st and 32nd St. NO ADVISORY
44 - Pleasure Pier/27th St. NO ADVISORY
45 - East Pleasure Pier NO ADVISORY
46 - 18th/19th Streets NO ADVISORY
47 - 14th/15th Streets NO ADVISORY
48 - Stewart Beach #1NO ADVISORY
49 - Stewart Beach #2NO ADVISORY
50 - Stewart Beach #3NO ADVISORY
53 - East Beach/Apffel Park #2NO ADVISORY
55 - East Beach/Apffel Park #4 NO ADVISORY

Bolivar Peninsula

58 - Retilon Road NO ADVISORY
59 - Magnolia Lane NO ADVISORY
61 - Helen Blvd.NO ADVISORY
62 - O'Neil Rd. ADVISORY
64 - Crystal Beach Road NO ADVISORY
65 - Gulf Shores Drive NO ADVISORY
66 - Alberdie Road/Emerald Beach #2NO ADVISORY
67 - Barbados Rd/Trash can #52 NO ADVISORY
68 - Gilmore Street Access NO ADVISORY
69 - Center Road NO ADVISORY
70 - Driftwood (Tideways) NO ADVISORY
74 - Deens StreetNO ADVISORY
75 - Church Street NO ADVISORY
76 - Gayle Street ADVISORY
77 - Beaumont Ave. NO ADVISORY

Other Locations

82 - Texas City Dike NO ADVISORY

Beach Watch

For an interactive map of beach advisories and to sign-up for e-mail alerts, visit


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