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**Changes to Local Food Service Establishment Policy, click here to learn more.**

Food Service Operations
A food establishment is an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, or otherwise provides food for human consumption such as: a food service establishment, retail food store, satellite or catered feeding location, catering
operation if the operation provides food directly to a consumer or to a conveyance used to transport people, market, remote catered operations conveyance used to transport people, institution; or food bank; and that relinquishes possession of food to a consumer directly, or indirectly through a delivery service such as home delivery of grocery orders, restaurant takeout orders, or delivery service that is provided by common carriers.

Food Service Establishments

Environmental and Consumer Health performs inspections and permitting for food service establishments in Galveston County. The purpose of this program is to reduce the likelihood of disease transmission through food.
The regulation "An Order Establishing the Permitting and Enforcement of State Law and State Rules for Food Service Establishments, Retail Food Stores, Mobile Food Vending Units, and Roadside Food Vendors" describes the requirements for obtaining a food service permit from the Health District. Foods Service Establishments PERMIT fees
Risk Level Fees Inspection Frequency
High Risk $300 annually Minimum 4 times per year
Medium Risk $275 annually Minimum 2 times per year
Low Risk $250 annually Minimum 1 time per year

To obtain a permit, follow the procedures outlined in "Opening a Food Establishment in Galveston County".

Mobile Food Service Operations
A mobile food service unit is a vehicle mounted food establishment designed to be readily movable. Permitting, Fees, and Inspections
Licensing, fees, and inspection frequency is determined by a risk assessment of the mobile unit operations.

They are as follows:

Risk Level Fee Inspection Frequency
High Risk $300 annually Minimum 4 times per year
Medium Risk $275 annually Minimum 2 times per year
Low Risk $250 annually Minimum 1 times per year

To obtain a permit for a mobile unit, follow the procedures outlined in "Procedures for Obtaining a Foodservice Permit  for a Mobile Unit".

Temporary Food Service Operations

A temporary food service operation is a food establishment that operates for no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

Permitting, Fees, and Inspections

The permit fee is $75.00 unless the proceeds from the event are going to an organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service as non-profit. The identification number issued by the IRS must be provided at the time of obtaining the permit to waive the permitting fee. Business and personal checks are NOT accepted as payment for temporary food permits.

The permit fee is $100.00 if not submitted two full business days prior to the event.


When obtaining a permit the following information must be provided:

Food (including ingredients) Drinks Source / Vendor Application for Temporary Food Permits (pdf)
Place of preparation Cooking equipment
Transporting / Cold holding facilities Holding equipment

An inspection will be performed by a Health District inspector during the event to ensure compliance.

Farmers Markets 

A Farmers Market is an organized entity/operation, certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, that primarily allows a group of farmers/producers to market and sell their farm produce and products in a specific location. These products would include:

(A) fish or other aquatic species;
(B) livestock, a livestock product,or a livestock by-product;
(C) planting seed;
(D) poultry, a poultry product, or a poultry by-product;
(E) wildlife processed for food or by-products;
(F) a product made from a listed product by a farmer or other producer who grew or processed the product; or
(G) produce.

Vendors of farm products may operate within the Farmers Market if registered with the Market and are in compliance with food handling regulations.


Vendors registered with a Farmers Market to sell potentially hazardous  goods (those products that require temperature control to maintain food safety) may operate with an annual temporary permit usable only within the confines of the market.  These vendors may operate only during the Market’s stated operating hours.  The fee for an annual temporary permit is $175.00 per year in association with a Farmers Market.  These fees are not refundable. 



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