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Childhood Lead Task Force
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Childhood Lead Task Force
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Childhood Lead Task Force

The Childhood Lead Task Force is a group of community leaders and volunteers working to develop a comprehensive action plan addressing concerns about elevated blood lead levels in the community.

Above are members of the Childhood Lead Task Force. These community leaders and volunteers are working to develop a comprehensive action plan to address the island’s concern with lead poisoning in local children. To begin the process focus areas have been developed which include the following:

(1) Public Information
(2) Environmental / Home Assessments
(3) Eliminating Lead From the Environment
(4) Screening, Reporting and Case Management
(5) Advocacy

For each focus area, strategies, goals and objectives will be developed by subcommittees. Chairpersons of this important community initiative are standing on the right in the picture Dr. Mark Guidry, CEO, Galveston County Health District; and Dr. Ben Raimer, UTMB Vice President of Community Health Services. Other members of the taskforce can be found in the membership roster.


The Health District is one of many participants in this community effort and has the following roles:

  1. Analyze reports of elevated lead levels that are reported to the District’s epidemiologist by providers who test children. For more information contact Epidemiology at (409) 938-2322, or visit the GHCD web site

  2. Perform nursing assessments and education to parents of children reported to have elevated lead levels. For more information contact Community Health Nursing at (409) 938-2456.

  3. Perform environmental assessments to determine the source of lead through the District’s Environmental Services. For more information call (409) 938-2251. 

  4. Refer families to any available resources for information on lead abatement/remediation. For a variety of informational handouts visit the Texas Department of State Health Services web site at

Resources from February 12, 2008 meeting: 

Additional resources:

Media reports distributed to task force members:

  • Lead committee narrows list of funding sources 02/13/08

  • Panel urges children in Galveston be tested for lead 02/13/08

  • City seeks $3M to clean up lead contamination 07/28/08

  • New equipment to be used in fight against lead poisoning 09/05/08

  • Get the Lead Out: Galveston Initiates Lead Safe Program 02/13/08

  • Feds to make nine homes safer 02/13/08
  • Isle child lead levels at national average 02/13/08