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The Executive Report is a monthly summary of key activities and significant happenings in the Health District overall.  This summary of activities and/or happenings may involve: one of many different public health programs, the Galveston Area Ambulance Authority (GAAA), the 4C's federally-funded community health clinics (CHC's), and/or collaborate efforts among community health partners. 
If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Pisa Lewis , Executive Assistant, at
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Date January 31, 2007
Red diamond Planning for 2006 Annual Report
Red diamond Legislative Session
Red diamond Valero Refinery Fire
Red diamond Disease Detection Summaries
Red diamond Executive Staffing Update
Red diamond External Financial Audit
Red diamond 4C’s Receives Unexpected Check for $20,000
Red diamond Update on Telephone System Upgrade
Red diamondOffice of Public Information Updates
Galveston EMS
WIC office co-located with UTMB
FrontPage updated
Evaluating ways to inform public about restaurant inspection score
  Community Education about pandemic flu
Red diamond 4C’s Clinic Updates
Women’s Health Care Program
CHIP Prenatal Health Program
  Prenatal care utilization data
Red diamondOffice of Community Health Programs Updates
Update on Syphilis Cases in Galveston County
Flu Shot Update
WIC Galveston Relocated
Red diamondOffice of Environmental Health Services Updates
  Outreach and Training Events
  Animal Seizures
Red diamond Office of Emergency Medical Services Updates
  Staffing Update
GAAA Receives Grant
Medic One System
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Red diamondDiseases and Disasters Updates
Health Alert Network (HAN)
Community Education
  Community Collaborations
  Preparedness Exercises
  PPE Employee Training
Red diamondSigned RFP’s, Contracts & Agreements
Addendum to the D'Feet Breast Cancer Grant
  D'Feet Breast Cancer 2007 Grant
  Data Processing Service Agreement and Non-Exclusive License Agreement with Indigent Healthcare Solutions, Ltd.
  Addendum to the contract with Indigent Healthcare Solutions, Ltd.
  Contract to Purchase Antiviral Medications at the Subsidized Federal Rate f
  DSHS Community Preparedness Section Grant
  Amendment to DSHS CPS Bio-Terrorism Preparedness Grant
   EMS Local Projects Grant
  Amendment to DSHS Immunization Grant
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Grant
Lactation Services Grant
Registered Dietitian (RD) Services Grant
  EZ Check- Electronic Transfer Agreements
  Affiliation Agreement with the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
  The Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Service Agreement with Victory Breast Diagnostic Center
  HIV/ Education and Prevention Project Grant
STD/HIV Programs Grant
TB Federal Prevention and Control Grant
  GAAA Ambulance Service Contracts with Bay Oaks Healthcare Center & Ashton Parke Care Center
Contract with the Managing Pharmacist for the 4C’s Clinics
Contract with Leta F. Melancon

Red diamond

Program Audits
HIV EBI Program Review
Internal Audit of Animal Shelter
A quality assurance review of Public Health Preparedness will be conducted March 6-8, 2007
The TB program will undergo a state audit on April 9-13, 2007
    Planning for 2006 Annual Report

In the January Board meeting, Dr. Guidry presented a proposed outline of the content of our annual report for 2006.  The proposed content will include an evaluation of progress towards the 2004 strategic health plan, a public health report on the health of Galveston County, a report on the status of the EMS expansion to the Mainland, and a list of 2007 priority initiatives.  The goal for the 2006 report is to make it more succinct and more useful to both staff and county and city stakeholders.   Following board approval of the outline, the final report will be submitted for board approval at the end of February.  The approved report will be posted on the internet as well as reproduced and distributed to cities and partners throughout the county.  A powerpoint summary of the report will be prepared to brief the board, city and county official, and community organizations.

    Legislative Session
In preparation for the legislative session, Dr. Guidry appointed Kurt Koopmann, Public Information Officer, and Kristina Garcia, Compliance Auditor, as legislative contacts for the organization.  A letter of introduction was sent to area legislators offering to inform elected officials about key issues impacting public health and primary health care in Galveston County.  To date, key issues identified include: revenue reductions impacting capacity to serve a growing population of uninsured, barriers to FQHC Contracts with Medicaid HMO's, negative fiscal impact as a result of the current Medicaid HMO payment system and limited benefits of Women's Health Program, barriers in the quarantine process which impacts public health preparedness, and funding for local tuberculosis screening, investigation, and control programs.
   Valero Refining Fire

Officials from Valero Refining in Texas City notified Health District personnel about a fire.  The fire was reported at approximately 3:30 with no injuries at that time.  The Texas City Police Department was contacted for additional information on possible impacts to the community and any shelter in place orders.  No shelter in place was ordered due to the low potential of impact on the community due to a northerly wind direction.  The fire was tapped out in approximately an hour without incident.  

  Disease Detection Summaries

On January 8, 2007, a bat found in Dickinson tested positive for rabies.  Animal Control’s investigation revealed 2 human exposures and they are currently undergoing Rabies post-exposure (PEP).  PEP vaccination consists of human rabies immunoglobulin and 5 doses of rabies vaccine.  The rabies PEP is given over a period of 29 days.  For the year of 2006, there were 6 rabid bats in Galveston County.  On January 22, 2007, Texas Children’s Hospital reported a case of meningococcemia in an 8 month old Galveston County resident. Epidemiology Services responded with a thorough investigation and educated appropriate control measures. Meningococcemia is a bacterial infection of the blood that may cause fever, chills, rash, and feeling unusually tired and weak.  There was one case of meningococcal disease reported for 2006.  During the months of December and January, 3 institutions in Galveston County (2 assisted living facilities and an elementary school) had outbreaks of gastrointestinal illnesses resulting in primarily vomiting and diarrhea.  An epidemiological investigation was conducted at each facility.  Investigations revealed the symptoms lasted 24 to 48 hours, no link identified with illness and food, and no definitive cause identified.  Likely causes include Norwalk-like virus, salmonella, or parasitic, such as cryptosporidiosis or giardia.

  Executive Staffing Update
On January 17, 2007, Susan Studebaker, former Director of Community Health Services, retired from the Health District to pursue her goal to become a midwife.  In preparation for organizational initiatives in 2007, Dr. Guidry revised the executive organizational chart effective February 1st.  The CFO will report directly to the CEO; the 4C’s Business Director will report to the COO; the 4C’s Patient Services Manager will report to the CFO, and the Public Health Planner will report to the Chief Epidemiologist who will serve as an executive manager of public health preparedness staff and activities.  The position of Director of Community Health Services remains vacant until further review.  Jay Holland, COO, is fulfilling the director duties in the interim position until the position is filled.   Finally, Dr. Guidry and Jay Holland briefed Commissioner’s Court about Health District facility plans and needs on January 10, 2007.  The Court committed to reviewing the Health District’s needs along with other facility needs in the county.
External Financial Audit
Both boards engaged the services of Null Lairson, Certified Public Accounts, PC to perform the annual audit.  The auditors began work in November 2006.  Board members and staff have been interviewed and/or provided the opportunity to provide direct information to the auditors.   At present, the auditors have completed a draft report which is being reviewed by Kathy Barroso, CFO.  In the future, the auditors will present its report to Dr. Guidry and members of both board finance committees prior to final presentation to both boards.  It is expected that Null Lairson, Certified Public Accounts, PC will submit its final report to both board during late February meetings.  In the last bid process May 2005, the board selected Null Lairson, Certified Public Accounts, PC to perform the required audits for a three year period.  In May 2008, the board will re-bid for these services.
 4C’s Receives Unexpected Check for $20,000
St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities provided a one-time grant in the amount of $20,000 to provide medical services to the underserved in Galveston County. We received a letter dated December 31, 2006 from Dr. Bray.   Dr Guidry wrote back in response, “I want to THANK YOU for thinking of us in Galveston County.  Everyday in our community health centers we serve people with needs greater than our resources.  It is indeed an "unexpected blessing" to receive additional resources that can help us better serve others.   Following loss of Title XX funding for women's health, we are exploring using this grant funding to help needy, eligible women obtain healthcare coverage from new programs such as the state's Women Health Program, increasing their access to care and improving their long term health.”  Dr. Guidry requested that a St.  Luke’s representative attends a future 4C’s Governing Board meeting for a photograph in preparation of a future news release.
 Update on Telephone System Upgrade
The installation has been postponed due to technical issues and unresolved issues regarding GCHD needs during routine operations and during emergencies such as a pandemic flu outbreak, when thousands of citizens may call the health District for information on how to get preventive treatments - through mass dispensing clinic planned in 11 sites throughout the county.  Past experiences in meningococcal outbreaks and in responding to Katrina evacuees, serve as benchmarks for the number and types of call the health district may receive.  In addition, the Health District plays a coordination role in leading health responses, working with multiple agencies, and need capacity to receive calls from response partners needing assistance or coordination.  District executives are planning a meeting with phone system representative to finalize needs and may result in increased cost, requiring future board review and approval. 
Office of Public Information For more information please contact Kurt Koopmann, Public Information Officer, at 409-938-2211, email
  • Galveston EMS staff members were recognized by the Sons of the American Revolution at a Galveston City Council meeting for providing outstanding service to the community.  See linked press release and photo at  The photograph was published in the Galveston County Daily News on January 22, 2007 in the Applause section.
  • Press Release about new location of Galveston County Health District’s WIC office co-located with UTMB was issued on December 16th.  The offices are now located in UTMB’s University Hospital Clinics building.  See:
  • The FrontPage of was updated during December on dealing with the stress of the holidays.  There were also tips on dealing with holiday diet challenges and other related issues.  For the start of the New Year GCHD’s web site has information on dealing with holiday weight gain.  There is a BMI calculator link as well as links to web sites that provide tips on healthy eating and exercise. 
  • Evaluating ways to inform public about restaurant inspection score - Public Information staff has been working with Environmental staff examining ways that restaurant inspection scores can be presented to the public in a more informational manner.  In the past the local newspaper has requested clarification on the inspections process along with member of the United Board of Health and public.  Options are being examined that would make the process more public friendly.  Information on the current permitting/inspection process can be found on the District’s web site at
  • Community Education about pandemic flu - Public Information Officer, Kurt Koopmann, attended a meeting with representatives from the American Red Cross in Galveston to discuss community pandemic flu education.  Attendees brainstormed how everyone could work together to educating the public about a possible flu pandemic.
4C’s Clinic Updates For more information, please contact Patrick Butler, 4C’s Business Director at 409-949-3406 or email or Pam Jahnke, RN, Strategic Plan Evaluator at  409-938-2256 or email 
  • CLT – During the months of December and January, the >CLT reviewed 4C’s Clinic Financial Policy, various registration forms, and medical records fees and collection procedures.  In addition, CLT reviewed a new streamlined procedure to merely verify Medicaid status for patients previously registered, instead of requiring them to wait through the comprehensive registration process each visit.
  • Women’s Health Care Program – Effective January 1st, the Texas Women’s Health Program will pay for gynecological exams, health screenings, and birth control for eligible uninsured women who apply.  An applicant with supportive documents has to be faxed to the Health & Human services Commission for approval.  Three areas of the Health District have established roles in the new program.  Patient services will identify, educate, and assist patients who may be eligible for the program by assisting them with completing the application.  Case management will mail eligible patients identified from past year a brochure, an application and offer assistance.  They will also follow up on applications that are incomplete and track for determination process.  Billing staff will utilize similar procedures used for billing family planning services with full Medicaid coverage.  A new financial class is being utilized for billing and tracking of patients who qualify for the program.
  • CHIP Prenatal Health Program - Effective January 1st, Texas extended CHIP services to unborn children of non-Medicaid eligible women below 200% FPL who are ineligible due to income or immigration status.  GCHD is still finalizing a contact with Community Health Choice, the only CHIP HMO serving our area. Following the execution of a contract, clinic leadership will develop a plan to assist uninsured pregnant woman with completing the application process.
  • Medical Director, Dr Alhassan reviewed prenatal care utilization data with CLT.  There is a trend of a growing number of uninsured and a decreasing number of Medicaid women who remain with the 4C’s clinic.   The trends will be reviewed with Mainland Children’s Partnership staff that provides case management and referrals to 4C’s.   In addition, it is expected that many of the uninsured women may be eligible for CHIP Perinatal – pending execution of a contract and a plan to facilitate patient applications.
Office of Community Health Services Updates For more information please contact Warren. J. Holland III,  Interim Director of Community Health Programs at 409-938-24 01, email
  • Update on Syphilis Cases in Galveston County:  HIV/STD services reported a 62% increase in the number of early syphilis cases in adult Galveston County residents within the months of July to October of 2006 as compared to 2005.  The Health District responded by meeting with Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and reviewing historical data, enlisting additional support from DSHS to assist with disease investigation, issuing an advisory to local health providers regarding proper identification, treatment and reporting of sexual transmitted infections (STI), reassigned staff to aid in data entry, recruiting qualified persons to fill open positions in STD/HIV, and closely monitoring the increase of cases.  From 2005 to 2006, the number of cases of early syphilis increased from 28 to 39, and the rate increased from 10.23 to 14.05 cases per 100,000 populations.  Subject to continued monitoring, this increase appears to be in large part due to increase in reporting.
  • Flu Shot Update – The Health District ordered 6600 doses of flu vaccine in January 2005 for this years’ flu season.  A reasonable amount compared to previous years' needs.  Currently we have 2700 doses left and will continue to offer and administer the flu shot through the early months of this year.  There were problems with late distribution and almost half of our order, 3100 doses, was not delivered until 11/22/06.  The other half was delivered in smaller increments and had to be used by prioritizing in late September, October and early November.  Many of our regular clients went elsewhere for flu shots so that by the end of November, it was difficult to find sites or clients that still needed it.  Many outreach clinics were scheduled in December with few participants.  We had to pre book next year's order for flu vaccine and reduced the order to 4000 doses.
  • WIC Galveston Relocated - The Health District’s WIC office located on the UTMB campus has completed its move to the 7th floor of the University Hospital Clinics (UHC) building. Parking for the new clinic will be available in UTMB’s Garage #2.  The office may be contacted by calling (409) 747-5580.
Office of Environmental Health Services Updates  For more information, contact Ronnie Schultz, Director of Environmental Health Services, at 409-938-2214 or email:
  • Outreach and Training Events - The Office of Environmental Health Programs participated in the following outreach and training events: a presentation to the St. Mary’s Men Club in Texas City ; presentations on shelter in place for chemical emergencies to approximately 250 students at three schools in the Galveston Independent School District; and several food manager certification-trainings from which over 90 food managers were tested and certified.
  • Animal Seizures – The Animal Services Division uncovered and investigated two potential puppy mills within Galveston County.  Officers noted unacceptable living conditions at both locations and proceeded with enforcement.  The owners of these mills were required to reduce the number of animals located on their respective properties. Due to unsafe conditions at one location, a court-ordered seizure warrant was issued to remove the animals immediately for placement in the shelter, pending adoptions from qualified pet owners.  There were approximately 26 adult animals and 12 puppies seized.
Emergency Medical Services Updates: For more information, please contact Michael E. Carr, JD,  Director of Emergency Medical Services, Galveston Area Ambulance Authority at 409-765-2512 or email
  • Staffing Update - There are currently 32 vacant full time positions in the Emergency Medical Services area; however, we currently have one applicant scheduled for testing and have calls out to three applicants.  We are preparing a contingency plan should staffing fall below minimum required staffing levels.

  • GAAA Receives Grant – GAAA has been awarded a Local Projects Grant from the State Department of Health Services in the amount of $7100.00.  The grant is for the purchase of a patient simulator mannequin, controller and EKG simulator for use in targeted training for EMS staff.  The equipment will be used to help EMS staff sharpen their diagnostic and patient treatment skills.

  • Medic One System – The Medic One Administrators are continuing to meet monthly to address the needs and issues that arise in providing EMS in the southern part of Galveston County.   The group is working to finalize a Mass Casualty Incident response plan that will integrate with the GCHD Emergency Plan and those of local hospitals.  At the last meeting, the group acknowledged the following accomplishments since initiated:   Successfully appointed a new Medical Director for System; Medic One committee  approved operating budget ; GCHD transfer service now handles 92% of all request for services, compared with only 28% at onset; Improvements in staffing; Most nursing homes under contract with GCHD and most are satisfied with services; hired new QA coordinator to assist Medical Director with system quality assurance; improved Medic One Committee communications, coordination, mutual support, group problem-solving; and current revenues higher than projected.

  • Quality Improvement Coordinator – Joe Carranza, Jr. has been hired as the Quality Improvement Coordinator.  Mr. Carranza will report to work on February 5, 2007, and will be working closely with Medical Director Kevin Rittger, MD, as well as GAAA Administrative and Operational staff to insure the continued provision of quality service to Galveston County residents.  Mr. Carranza brings 15 years experience in EMS to the task of Quality Improvement.

Disease and Disaster Preparedness Updates:  For additional information, contact the Chief Epidemiologist, Dana Beckham DVM at 409-938-2322 or email
  • Health Alert Network (HAN) - On December 22, 2006, a HAN advisory was distributed to participating veterinarians, veterinary nurses, animal control and humane officers on the detection of Equine Herpes virus- type 1 (EHV-1). The advisory noted no cases in Texas, but raised awareness to many horse owners that may be hauling equine animals in effected areas in Florida.  EHV-1 can be a serious disease of horses and the virus can spread through the air form the respiratory route of affected horses.  Owners with sick animals (respiratory signs, increase temperature or neurological signs) should contact their private veterinarian to examine and treat their horses.  Veterinarians suspecting EHV-1 with neurological signs are advised to contact state officials and follow protocols for collecting and submitting appropriate samples for laboratory diagnosis.

  • Community Education  - Staff were involved in the following community education events: (1) disease reporting requirements  to UTMB and College of the Mainland nursing students, Core Immunization participants and Texas City and Galveston ISD nurses;  (2) state required euthanasia training class on January 8, to 17 Animal control Officers from Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Harris, Ft. Bend and Montgomery counties; (3) Pandemic Flu Training to forty-one individuals from various disciplines including healthcare, industry, emergency management, schools, law enforcement, etc.; (4) syndromic surveillance technology to members of the Galveston County Emergency Response Collaborative (GCERC) ; and (5) security training for strategic national stockpile (SNS) to local ISD representatives who will provide security during mass vaccination and antibiotic dispensing operations.

  • Community Collaborations – (1) On December 14, 2006, Dr. Beckham represented the Health District at a meeting regarding the construction progress of the UTMB Bio-Safety Laboratory Level 4 (BSL 4) and an announcement of a grant from the Gates Foundation.  The grant will fund the development of a new flu vaccine that will have longer immunity and cover most strains of the influenza virus; (2) Staff also attended the Regional Epidemiology/Bioterrorism Meeting on January 12, 2007.  The meeting is a forum for epidemiologist and public health preparedness staff to exchange information regarding epidemiology and bioterrorism activities; (3) the need for city logistical support was discussed in meetings with officials in the Cities of League City and Dickinson.  The key focus was to inform city officials about disaster support needed in order to distribute preventive treatments to persons at risk during a major infectious disease outbreak.

  • Preparedness Exercises – (1) On December 12th, staff from GCHD Public Health Preparedness, UTMB, Mainland Medical, Red Cross, and the Galveston County Sheriff's Department, participated in a regional pandemic flu exercise at Moody Gardens. Approximately 250 public health officials and others attended this exercise to test how health departments in southeast Texas would respond and collaborate in response to a flu pandemic. While a great deal of planning has been done, the exercise emphasized the need for continued coordination of planning among local health departments; and (2). Public health preparedness staff participated in two multi-jurisdictional exercises to test communications and regional response capabilities.  The exercises, involving the scenario of a plane crashing into the Reliant Stadium during a sporting event tested communications equipment and a newly developed regional unified command system.

  • PPE Employee Training - On December 13, 2006, epidemiology, public health preparedness and clinic supervisors trained 57 employees in the clinics on how and when to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Training of personnel is necessary for an effective infection control program. Health care workers should use PPE in settings where there is an increased risk of exposure to infectious droplet nuclei or other harmful dusts, fumes, gases, or vapors.
Signed RFP’s, Grants, Contracts & Agreements For more information, please contact Kristina Garcia, Compliance Auditor, at (409) 938-2213 or email
  • Addendum to the D'Feet Breast Cancer Grant was signed by COO on December 5, 2006.  It included an increase of $21,348.36in the 2006 budget for diagnostic procedures.
  • D'Feet Breast Cancer 2007 Grant was signed by COO on December 5, 2006. 
  • The $215,939.00 grant provides for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment activities, and breast self-examination education using UTMB Oleander van.
  • Data Processing Service Agreement and Non-Exclusive License Agreement with Indigent Healthcare Solutions, Ltd. was signed by COO on December19, 2006.  The service fee is $1,759 per month which is the same as the previous contract. This software screens, tracks, and coordinates patients for county indigent healthcare program.
  • Addendum to the contract with Indigent Healthcare Solutions, Ltd. was signed by COO on December19, 2006. The reason for the addendum was to clarify the contract is with the GCHD and not the County of Galveston. 
  • Contract to Purchase Antiviral Medications at the Subsidized Federal Rate from DSHS was signed by CEO on December 15, 2006.  Specifically, the order was for 400 courses of Tamiflu at the subsidized rate of $14.43 per course totaling $5,772.
  • DSHS Community Preparedness Section Grant was signed by COO on December 5, 2006.  The $105,500 in funding provides for City Readiness Initiative (CRI) for regional dispensing of prophylactic medications during a bioterrorism attack.
  • CPS Bio-Terrorism Preparedness Grant was signed by COO on December 18, 2006.  The amendment increased the Pandemic Influenza funding by $262,873 thru August 31, 2007.  For the period of September ’05 – August ’07 the revised budget total for the Public Health Preparedness and Pandemic Flu grants is $855,373.
  • DSHS EMS Local Projects Grant was signed by COO on December 21, 2006. There was a decrease of $5,900 from the previous budget. The funding supports EMS program activities to develop, upgrade, or expand emergency medical services. 
  • Amendment to DSHS Immunization Grant was signed by COO on December 18, 2006. It increased the current budget by $97,020.  The total amount of the current year budget shall not exceed $229,845.
  • DSHS Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Grant was approved. We received a letter dated December 20, 2006 from DSHS.  The WIC expenditures are not to exceed $35,000 from October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007.
  • DSHS Lactation Services Grant was approved.We received a letter dated November 21, 2006 from DSHS. The grant provides for reimbursement in the amount of $9,840 for a Certified Lactation Consultant.
  • DSHS Registered Dietitian (RD) Services Grant was approved.  We received a letter dated December 1, 2006 from DSHS.  The grant provides for reimbursement in the amount of $19,000.
  • EZ Check- Electronic Transfer Agreements were signed by COO on December 5, 2006.  The rate changed from 1.59% to 1.29% effective 12/01/06 for 10 GCHD sites. 
  • Affiliation Agreement with the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health was signed by COO on December 14, 2006.  It establishes the provisions in the coordinated public health internship program.
  • The Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Service Agreement with Victory Breast Diagnostic Center was signed on by COO on January 2, 2007.  The Center will invoice GCHD based on the current Medicare reimbursement rate at the time the service is performed.
  • HIV/ Education and Prevention Project Grant from DSHS was signed by COO on January 2, 2007 in the amount of $145,345.  The agreement is based on an 8 month period to align with state fiscal year.  There was no change in funding from the previous year. 
  • STD/HIV Programs Grant from DSHS was signed by COO on January 9, 2007 in the amount of $121,448. There was no change in funding from the previous year.  The grant provides for programs to control and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis.
  • TB Federal Prevention and Control Grant from DSHS was signed by COO on January 9, 2007 in the amount of $44,718.   It provides for basic TB services of prevention and control, expanded outreach to identified persons who have or are at high risk for TB.
  • GAAA Ambulance Service Contracts with Bay Oaks Healthcare Center and Ashton Parke Care Center was signed by COO.  The contract expires on September 30, 2008.  The rates for patients being transported into or out of the facility one-way are: Level One $195.00 and Level Two $75.00.  There is a $50.00 per hour fee for wait time and, a mileage fee of $5.00 per mile for traveling outside of Galveston County.
  • Contract with the Managing Pharmacist for the 4C’s Clinics , Don DePasqual, R.Ph., d/b/a DePasqual Enterprises was renewed on January 9, 2007.  This contract expires on March 31, 2007.  Payment of services will remain the same as previous contract at the rate of $24,771 per month and shall not exceed $74,313 during the 3-month period.
  • Contract with Leta F. Melancon was renewed on January 25, 2007.  The independent contractor will monitor health services delivered by Correctional Medical Services to the Galveston County Jail inmates.  Compensation will remain the same as previous contract at an annual amount of $10,000 to be paid in twelve equal payments of $833.33.
Program Audits  For more information, please contact Kristina Garcia, Compliance Auditor, at (409) 938-2213 or email
  • HIV EBI Program Review - The HIV/STD program is currently undergoing a HIV EBI program review by DSHS.  The reviewers are focusing the administrative review on the activities of the last quarter of 2006 and are making field observations of staff interaction with clients. A full report of the review will be completed within the next 45 days.
  • Internal Audit of Animal Shelter – Dr. Dana Beckham, Veterinary Consultant, conducted an internal audit of the animal shelter on January 8, 2007.  The shelter received an overall satisfactory rating that indicates that the shelter is clean, modern looking and structurally sound.  In addition, animal care equipment was above average and personnel demonstrated above average performance in shelter management and animal care.  Some deficiencies were noted and many have since been corrected.  Deficiencies included a leak in the roof, the need to replace the freezer, low water pressure, and the need to document euthanasia drug usage in a bound and numbered logbook.  Many shelter upgrades were also noted in the audit including the installation of a drop ceiling in the kennel, painting of the shelter, good signage, and the replacement of the kennel gates.
  • A quality assurance review of Public Health Preparedness will be conducted by DSHS on March 6-8, 2007 – Specific areas to be reviewed will include administrative and programmatic activities.  The visit will also include interviews with key program staff.
  • The TB program will undergo a state audit on April 9-13, 2007 – During the review they will examine policy and procedure manuals, job descriptions, organizational charts, up to 10 TB case records, up to 10 LTBI records, and conduct a spot check of pharmacy inventory. The will also observe clinic operations, DOT, and possibly contact investigation activities.