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Identify and eliminate access to care barriers that contribute to health disparities.
GOAL I Improve access to 4C’s Clinics' ambulatory healthcare services and operate at maximal capacity. (See Priority 7, Goal I).
Objective One: Track and trend measurable objectives and key indicators of clinic access to care.

  • Regularly evaluate and report the above indicators (to the 4C’s Governing Board and other appropriate committees).
Objective Two: Research best practices and identify barriers in 4C’s clinic flow. Establish short-term and long-term improvements which will result in improved clinic flow and clinic productivity rates.

  • Assess and make improvements in the clinic appointment system.
  • Explore the use of technological tools such as the use of e-mail by appointment clerks, and a communications/paging system for “Patient Care Teams”, etc. that can be utilized to make needed system improvements.
  • Visit other community health centers to identify best practices.
  • Implement measures to greet patients who arrive to the clinic, as well as trouble-shoot their specific issues and needs.
  • Review nursing triage policies and protocols and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Explore and implement measures which will move staff to patients instead of moving patients throughout the clinic.
  • Explore and implement staff cross-training so patient services are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.
  • Establish patient-friendly, recognizable, and easily understandable signage or other means to direct patients to various clinic services.


Objective Three: Simplify providers job responsibilities and tasks such that their time is focused on patient care duties that only a licensed provider can perform.

  • Develop a list of clinic duties that only a licensed physician/mid-level can perform, and develop a list of other necessary clinic duties for assignment to other appropriate clinic personnel.
  • Implement patient care teams and establish roles and responsibilities for each member.
  • Develop roles and responsibilities for the patient care teams and for each member of the team; assign primary and backup responsibilities to appropriate team members; provide training to staff prior to implementing the new job expectations.
  • Provide training to providers and patient care teams on their responsibility to properly document diagnoses to ensure that accurate coding and clinic reimbursements can take place.
  • Assure key system changes are included in a monthly monitoring report.


Objective Four: Establish a program to reward and recognize employees who exceed expectations to improve clinic capacity

  • Develop and implement a senior health incentive program.
  • Conduct meetings with employees to identify measures than can be taken to improve working conditions and to address employee concerns.
  • Develop a program to recognize and reward employees and patient care teams who implement improvements within measurable objectives and indicators

Increase community awareness of the healthcare services provided by the 4C’s Clinics. (See Priority 1, Goal II and IV, Priority 7, Goal II).

GOAL III Identify and eliminate barriers in the system of referring 4C’s patients for specialty evaluations, hospitalizations, and other types of referrals.
Objective One: Develop a comprehensive system to monitor, standardize, and track referrals.

  • Develop and implement a tracking and monitoring system for referrals.
  • Develop and implement clinic practice guidelines for the most common referral types.
  • Work with community partners to develop a system to receive specialty and referral records on 4C’s patients in a timely fashion.
Objective Two: Explore and implement use of new technologies to meet the intent of this goal.
  • Explore ways to improve compatibility of medical record systems for the 4C’s clinic and referral entities. (See Priority 3, Goal III).
  • Explore the use of telemedicine so 4C’s patients might have onsite access to medical specialists. (See Priority 3, Goal III).
GOAL IV Improve fiscal management and healthcare financing of the 4C’s Clinic. (See Goals in Priority 4).

Strengthen the partnership between the 4C’s Clinic and local resource organizations in order to link 4C’s patients to a variety of existing community and social service resources that may more comprehensively meet their needs.