Phone Bank Successfully Tested — Again

Post Date:06/30/2017 9:43 AM

The ability of the Galveston County Health District to quickly assemble and operate an emergency phone bank was again successfully tested in June.

The drill, focusing on Zika,  was the first to be conducted unannounced to staff, who started responding to the site within a minute of the call down. Additionally, IT was able to set up the technology quickly and efficiently.

The phone bank is part of the GCHD Zika Infection Prevention Intervention Team (ZIPIT) plan.

The plan, which includes Galveston County Mosquito Control and the county Office of Emergency Management, would be utilized in the event of local Zika virus transmission.

This was the second Zika phone bank drill within the past year. The most recent time the phone back was utilized was during the Ebola scare in 2014.

See pictures in the June 2017 Pulse of the District newsletter.





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