GAAA Leads EMS Staging in Multi-Agency Hurricane Drill

Post Date:06/30/2017 9:41 AM

The Galveston Area Ambulance Authority (GAAA) recently led EMS staging efforts during a regional hurricane preparedness drill.

The drill, for the mock “Hurricane Charlie,” is led by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Texas Division of Emergency Management.

“GAAA was proud to have a leadership role in this important exercise,” said GAAA EMS administrator Nathan Jung. “Over the past two years our agency has worked to increase readiness for disasters by participating in drills like this.”

The EMS portion of the multi-agency week-long exercise occurred on June 7 at the Mid-County Annex in Texas City.

During a large scale emergency, the MCA would serve as the staging location for ambulances to be deployed across Galveston and Brazoria counties, under the guidance of GAAA.

“For GAAA, the planning and preparation wasn't finished with the conclusion of the drill,” Jung continued. “We also conducted our own internal tabletop exercise to be sure everything operates smoothly and efficiently in the event of an actual emergency.”

The mock “Hurricane Charlie” is a category 3 hurricane with a 20-foot storm surge that makes landfall just west of Galveston, enabling local, state, federal and private sector emergency management partners to practice evacuation, sheltering and continuity of operations.

See pictures in the June 2017 Pulse of the District newsletter. 

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