Galveston Area Ambulance Authority Leading the Way in Pre-Hospital Antibiotics

Post Date:06/01/2017 10:29 AM

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas - Patients who suffer broken bones that puncture or cut the skin are now less likely to get infections if the Galveston Area Ambulance Authority responds to their call for help.

In March, GAAA became one of the first EMS agencies in the state to start administering antibiotics in such cases.

“When someone breaks a bone that ends up through the skin, it almost always happens in a less than sterile environment,” said Katherine Horton, EMS clinical compliance coordinator. “That means bacteria is almost instantly introduced to the wound and the potential for infection is high.”

Antibiotics are generally more effective the quicker they are administered, meaning treatment in an ambulance before arriving at the hospital is more beneficial for the patient. 

“These types of injuries often require surgery,” Horton continued. “So, patients who already have antibiotics before they arrive in the operating room have a significantly reduced chance of surgical site infection.”

The new antibiotic protocol is a collaboration with the University of Texas Medical Branch.

“We’re really proud to be working with UTMB to lead the way locally in this effort,” said Nathan Jung, EMS administrator. “This is a way for GAAA to continue to innovate in the EMS industry.”



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